Diptych-Bear’s Claws Blues 64

This painting was part of Kindt’s thesis exhibition at Ohio State University. The following comment was included in her thesis:
Until I did this painting, I hadn’t ever done a successful non-objective painting, in my estimation. I had tried abstractions, but they always seemed to be “cooked up,” that is, stiff, intellectualized and with very little feeling. The subject matter of figure, still life or landscape was necessary to inspire me. When I did this painting, it seemed as though suddenly I became conscious of the underlying abstract nature of what I had been doing in the other paintings and that the meaning and “feeling” was as much here as in any of the subject matter that I had been using. I could cope with all the abstract elements of color, shape and size on an intuitive and felt level. It was painted very rapidly and decisively; I seemed to be able to anticipate what the next move had to be even before I came to it. As the painting got very wet, I finished with pieces of colored paper stuck into the wet paint. Later I painted these passages in, but they don’t have quite the firmness of the rest of the work.

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